About Us
On November 1 1908 a group of christians gathered at the village school located in the Dallas area of Huntsville, Alabama. They met in celebration of what God had done in their lives. This gathering was later organized into a Baptist church in Dallas. It was Fifth Street Baptist Church April 4 1909. In May 1958 the church had changed its name to Second Street Baptist Church. In December 1966 the church had changed its name to Jackson Way Baptist Church.
A church was built in the framework of late 1909 to early 1910 at the corner of Rison Street and Fifth Avenue at a cost of $1400. In 1921 the building was declared unsafe and demolished. A new building was erected in the same area in September / October 1922. In 1952 the Fifth Street Baptist Church plans to build a new auditorium with a capacity of 600.
The current school building was completed in spring 1963rd Tragedy struck to February 3 1965 when the audience of 10 years has been completely destroyed by fire. Old Cypress and used for worship until 1967 when the auditorium was completed today. The auditorium was rebuilt later. Then in 1995 we experienced great physical changes buildings and land with a building program.
In November 1967 the church has signed a contract with waay-TV to televise the morning worship. In February 1968 Jackson was the first church on the right of the Tennessee Valley live television service will begin with worship. We have established the structure of our local cable and broaden our horizons to a healthy future for the multimedia age.
A Child Development Center was established on 23 opened its doors in August 1982. Our CDC continues to meet the church and this community a valuable service as a safe place a magnet for many children are available. In 2006 members adopted the Jackson Way Baptist Church for a new dream even more people in northern Alabama through Jesus Christ to them. A new plan for the Church system was put in motion to bless the church in the best position in the community.
Considered as a first step in 2007 a new sporting event CORE (Center of Sports Evangelism) is a new state of the art and the performance of students in local ministry called The Warehouse. The dual-core offers a gym tennis cardio and aerobics room gymnasium childrens playground and a childrens playground.
The catalog contains a caf gallery small rooms Bible study groups 300 seats and a prayer room. Jackson Market Way has increased considerably in recent years and has more blessings from God every day!
We want to reach people with the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ and to see the transformation of life through worship connecting in small groups and service in our church community!