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What does JWBC kids look like on a Sunday morning?

JWBC Nursery is for birth-Pre K. We offer classes divided by age and maturity level. We focus on teaching each child that they are loved by God. We have teachers for our Sunday School time who are committed to teaching our children each week.

During the service, we have a rotation of teachers who teach our children the love of God.

JWBC Kids is for K-6th grade during the Sunday School hour. Our teachers for each class know each of their classes by name and love the chance to share Christ with them. The curriculum for each grade varies based on their grade, but all are founded on the Word of God, teaching the truths that each child needs to know as they grow!


During the 10:30 service, JWBC kids continues to meet for K-3rd grade. During this time, we have an interactive time where we play games, engage with the Word of God, and learn who we are in relation to Christ. The three big questions that we like to ask and reflect on with the kids at the end of each lesson are:

  • What did this lesson teach us about God?

  • What does this teach us about us?

  • Who can I share this with this week?

These questions help keep perspective in the correct order. We learn from the Bible Who God is, and then only after that can we see who we are in relation to who God is. JWBC Kids is missional as well! We want to ensure that we are not keeping the gift of Jesus to ourselves. JWBC Kids is not just about receiving the Good News but also sharing that with others!

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